“Turning Football 401 into Football 101 for the casual fan”


– Eric Wood

Eric Wood is delighted to return to the Buffalo Bills as color commentator on WGR Sports Radio 550 and the Bills Radio Network on Entercom. Also an enthusiastic contributor to One Bills Live, Eric finds every opportunity he can to provide content for the Buffalo Bills organization. For avid sports readers, Eric delivers comprehensive analysis with his column in The Athletic.


Eric’s down-to-earth and humble personality paired with his in-depth professional knowledge gives him an edge in relating to nearly every fan. Eric Wood takes you “inside the huddle” to get the rare point of view of a disciplined and brilliant center, one who strived to have perfect synchronization with his team on every play. This “in the know” perspective can only be gained through hard-earned experience playing on the field for nine seasons. 

But it is his humanity that shines through the most in connecting with fans. Among his former teammates and peers, Eric is known both for his endless enthusiasm for the game and for his overall warm and generous spirit.


Eric loves to make people laugh, and his sense of humor comes out naturally when commenting on the game for which he is so dedicated.


Always wanting to make everything better around him, Eric loves to encourage people, build them up, and give back to the community. He takes the best of his human spirit and professional knowledge and brings it to his media career to share everything he knows.


Partnering with broadcast professionals he has known and admired since joining the Buffalo Bills is a dream come true, and an ongoing way to keep his love for the game alive. 

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