Keynote Speaking for Businesses

Helping Businesses Achieve Success Through Motivation and Confidence

Eric is able to motivate and inspire businesses by passing along wisdom and techniques gained from playing sports at one of the highest levels. And with his unique mindset, he is able to help businesses apply these principles to gain individual and team success.

Eric’s conversational style of speaking provides a friendly, entertaining engagement that is both inspiring and meaningful. Throughout his speaking career, Eric has spoken with a number of nonprofits, universities, and financial institutions. The topics Eric discusses can range from:

  • Dealing with significant life changes and transitions
  • Challenging yourself outside your comfort zone
  • How to be a leader in any organization
  • Cultivating habits that lead to success
  • Serving as an example as a Christian husband and father
  • Using competitiveness to advance to the next level
  • Harboring gratitude
  • & More
No matter what grind you’re doing in life – pour everything you have into it.
Eric Wood
Eric Wood
Former NFL player
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