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Professional Career

Eric Wood is a former NFL center for the Buffalo Bills where he was a starter, 2 time Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee, and a pro bowler. Eric was selected in the 1st round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Bills, a monumental achievement for someone who entered college as a walk-on.

Eric played his entire 9-season NFL career for the Bills before an unexpected spinal injury ultimately ended his on-field career in 2018. With much left to offer the sport, Eric stayed involved in football as a commentator for the Buffalo Bill’s Radio Network, something he still does to this day. Eric also spent some time as a sports columnist for the Atlantic, and as a sideline analyst for the ACC Network, two positions he has since moved on from.

Now, with a clear direction for what he’d like to do in his post-playing career, Eric spends the majority of his time working on his weekly podcast and his upcoming book. And to put his ability to motivate and bring out the best in people to use, Eric has taken to performance coaching, working with the University of Louisville and a number of college athletes.

Spread joy, no matter where you are. As a family, it’s our constant emphasis. Real fulfillment lies in getting outside of ourselves.
Eric Wood
Eric Wood
Former NFL player

Giving Back

Throughout his career, Eric has been known to give back selflessly to his sport, to his community, and those in need. In return, Eric proudly received 2 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominations throughout his football career.

In 2014, Eric formed the Eric Wood Fund, inspired by his brother Evan Wood, who passed away from complications stemming from cerebral palsy as a child. The Eric Wood Fund helps provide chronically ill children and their families with care, support, resources, and encouragement to keep them going.

Eric’s fund serves as an ongoing tribute to his late brother and a vital resource for chronically ill or injured children and their families in the Buffalo area. Fundraising for the fund is done through several private sustainers, charity events, and direct donations via the Eric Wood Fund donation page on The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo website.

Eric’s Ideals

Anyone who meets or listens to Eric Wood immediately recognizes that he’s a man of ideals. Eric champions himself on being a man of faith, a devout husband, and a world-class dad, themes that are frequently brought up in his writing, podcasts, and public speaking.

In addition to his principles rooted in family and faith, Eric is also a champion for hard work, dedication, and striving to be the best in all buckets of life. Eric truly can bring these qualities out in other people, all of which help make him an effective speaker, mentor, coach, and motivator.

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