Episode 100: Behind the Podcast with Billy Rutledge

The 100th Episode! A big thank you to all the listeners, sponsors and everyone who has supported the podcast over the last two years.

On today’s show, Eric looks back at the journey with Podcast Producer Billy Rutledge. Billy is a sports radio host/producer for iHeartRadio in the Louisville/Lexington area that has helped build the podcast with Eric since 2019. The guys talk about:

  • (0-5:25) – Introduction, how the podcast started
  • (5:25-10:15) – Billy’s upbringing, getting foot in the door in sports media
  • (10:15-15:20) – Billy’s reason why, finding fulfillment
  • (15:20-20:15) – Are sports still meaningful?
  • (20:15-31:40) – Predictions on the Louisville Cardinals & Buffalo Bills in 2021
  • Next, the roles are reversed. As Billy asks Eric questions about:
  • (31:40-35:30) – Eric’s biggest takeaway after 100 episodes
  • (35:30-39:15) – What’s Next for the podcast, dream guest in the future
  • (39:15-46:00) – The purpose of the podcast, role models in Eric’s life

And much more including some reoccurring questions and a discussion on faith.

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