Episode 101: Confidence Is Key with Jordan Palmer

Jordan Palmer played 7 years in the NFL as a backup quarterback. He now mentors some of the top QB’s in the country in preparation for the NFL Draft, including guys like Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Joe Burrow.

On the show, Jordan dives deep into the importance of confidence, the relationship between business and football and about his own NFL journey. Topic include:

  • (2:20-6:00) – Growing up in California, the benefits of playing multiple sports
  • (6:00-13:45) – Jordan’s relationship with his brother Carson, NFL transitions
  • (13:45-17:15) – The mindset of a successful QB? Become an entrepreneur
  • (17:15-23:25) – Josh Allen’s development, how to improve accuracy
  • (23:25-26:20) – The dynamic between a QB, his QB coach and his private QB coach
  • (26:20-30:00) – Common traits of high level QB’s
  • (30:00-38:40) – The importance of confidence, developing self generated confidence
  • (38:40-42:05) – Expectations for 2021 Buffalo Bills
  • (42:05-45:40) – What sets Joe Burrow apart?

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