Episode 102: Stories of Ali with John Ramsey

John Ramsey is a Louisville media personality and was a close friends with Muhammad Ali. From a meeting in a locker room to a lifelong friendship, John was lucky enough to learn many incredible lessons from The People’s Champion.

Today on the show, Eric and John get into stories of Ali. Topics include:

  • (4:00-8:00) – Becoming friends with Ali in the late 60’s early 70’s. The law of attraction.
  • (8:00-11:00) – Ali’s servant leadership, stories from Australia Olympics
  • (11:00-16:35) – Ali letting his guard down. Ali’s authentic leadership
  • (16:35-20:35) – Advice Ali has given John
  • (20:35-27:20) – Ali’s relationship with faith, Ali at the Orange Bowl
  • (27:20-33:00) – John speaking at Ali’s funeral
  • (33:00-38:30) – Ali impacting today’s athlete activist
  • (38:30-42:00) – John’s favorite boxing match of Ali

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