Episode 105: Stop Living on Autopilot with Antonio Neves

Antonio Neves is an author, internationally recognized speaker, podcast host, award winning broadcast journalist and in-demand success coach. On the show today, Antonio teaches Eric about having success in all areas of life, including lessons from his book “Stop Living on Autopilot.” Topics include:

  • (2:25-7:50) – Growing up in Jackson, Michigan, becoming a collegiate track athlete
  • (7:50-13:30) – The mentality of a walk on, calling up vs calling out
  • (13:30-16:54) – Holding yourself accountable & to a higher standard
  • (16:54-25:00) – Antonio’s career path – From TV reporter to career/development coach
  • (25:00-32:40) – Antonio’s favorite coaching questions/conversation starters
  • (32:40-38:40) – Having too many apps open in life
  • (38:40-42:00) – Antonio’s ideal morning routine

And much more, including conversations on faith, food and the future. Rate review and subscribe to the show today!

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