Episode 106: Prepare for Greatness with Rick Pitino

College basketball coach Rick Pitino joins the show today. Rick has coached three different schools to a Final Four, spent time as HC in the NBA and is the currently the head coach for Iona College. Rick has had an up-and-down story, but his life lessons of perseverance should teach everyone something. Topics include:

  • (2:00-3:20) – Growing up in New York
  • (3:20-9:10) – The first step of changing a culture at a program
  • (9:10-12:50) – Defining characteristics of a good basketball team
  • (12:50-16:30) – Humility
  • (16:30-19:30) – Coaching different types of basketball players
  • (19:30-23:30) – What your most proud of?
  • (23:30-29:00) – What made 2013 UL team special?
  • (29:00-33:36) – Holding yourself accountable as a coach
  • (33:36-36:00) – Winning a KY Derby or Final Four?

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