Episode 107: Master Your Mindset with Collin Henderson

Collin Henderson is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, an industry leader in the field of mental conditioning. He is a speaker, author of five books and the host of the Master Your Mindset podcast. Since starting his company in 2016, Collin’s innovative trainings on mindset, culture and high performance have been utilized by some of the world’s best organizations and institutions.

Today on the show, Collin gives Eric tips on mental performance and conditioning. Topics include:

  • (3:15-8:10) – Playing football & baseball at Washington State University
  • (8:10-14:40) – How Collin got over his stutter to become a speaker and mental conditioning coach
  • (14:40-18:00) – How would you define mindset? Your brain is built to hold you back…
  • (18:00-23:05) – Shaping yourself, building mental toughness
  • (23:05-27:20) – The superhero characteristics of the mind
  • (27:20-34:30) – Evaluate your values
  • (34:30-41:40) – Collin’s morning routine

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