Episode 109: Enjoy the Laugh, Enjoy the Ride with Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin)

Christopher McDonald is an American actor who has starred in over 100+ films and plays. He is best known for his role as Shooter McGavin in the 1996 comedy Happy Gilmore. A Buffalo Bills fan that grew up in Western New York, Shooter joins Eric on the show to discuss the value of feedback and how he has embraced his villainous persona in real life. Topics include:

  • (2:45-4:10) – Growing up in New York, earning a football scholarship
  • (4:10-9:25) – How Chris became interested in acting, when he knew it would be a career
  • (9:25-13:00) – Filming Happy Gilmore, having to act like a professional golfer
  • (13:00-21:42) – The difference in acting in films and plays
  • (21:42-26:00) – The value of feedback in acting
  • (26:00-29:35) – Role models in acting, turning on/off your role
  • (29:35-32:00) – What drives Chris

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