Episode 111: Set The Standard with Jim Rome

Jim Rome is a sports talk radio personality and the host of The Jim Rome Show. Jim is best known for his boisterous and aggressive style of presentation. He has made a name for himself as one of the topmost sports talk show hosts in the United States. Jim hosted the massively successful show Rome is Burning on ESPN and now works for CBS Sports.

Today on the show, Jim and Eric dive into Jim’s work ethic and preparation before a broadcast. Other topics include:

  • (2:00-5:10) – Growing up in LA, obsession with sports turns into a broadcasting career
  • (5:00-9:00) – How are you different? Advice after a Hall of Fame career
  • (9:00-20:20) – Interview tips, nerves before going on air
  • (20:20-29:00) – The Reinvention Project podcast
  • (29:00-32:30) – Finding fulfillment after your career
  • (32:30-39:45) – Set the standard, never quit
  • (39:45-45:00) – Morning routine, importance of exercise

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