Episode 119: Iron Sharpens Iron with Ashley Wooldridge

Ashley Wooldridge is the Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley, the 4th largest church in the country, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Eric listens to Ashley’s sermons on a weekly basis and has seen a tremendous impact on his approach to life.

Leadership, mentoring and feedback are just a few of the life lessons Ashley touches on on the show today. Other topics include:

  • (3:00-6:50) – Growing up in southern Arizona, how the business world prepared him to become a Pastor
  • (6:50-11:15) – Communication skills, experience vs evaluated experience
  • (11:15-22:00) – The importance of taking a sabbath
  • (22:00-31:45) – Mentorship and the impact it can have on your life
  • (31:45-35:00) – Self awareness is a myth
  • (35:00-40:00) – How Ashley pivoted as a pastor during COVID times
  • (40:00-46:00) – Advice for a healthy marriage, morning routine

And much more. If you’d like to learn more about Ashley, visit his website here: https://ccv.church/

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