Episode 120: The Power of Collaboration with Craig Siegel

Craig Siegel is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, mindset coach and breakthrough manufacture. He started the CLS Experience and has transformed the lives of countless people through his work.

When the pandemic hit, Craig felt guided and left his lucrative and stable job on Wall Street and went all in with his passion and purpose to help people revamp their mindset and fulfil their potential.

Today on the show, Eric and Craig dive into the power of collaboration and more. Topics include:

  • (2:15-7:00) – Growing up in New York, a healthy obsession with marathon running
  • (7:00-11:05) – Craig’s pivot from Wall Street, elevate & inspire
  • (11:05-17:10) – What separates Craig Siegel? What is holding people back in life?
  • (17:10-22:00) – The importance of goal setting, obtaining purpose & enthusiasm
  • (22:00-25:10) – The power of collaboration
  • (25:10-29:00) – Morning routine and diet

And much more.

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