Episode 130: Fire & Grit with Lee Smith

Lee Smith is an 11 year NFL veteran and a former teammate of Eric’s in Buffalo. Smith, who played for the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Atlanta Falcons, is retiring from the league and is now set to be a youth mentor at the Triple F Elite Sports Training performance center that he’s opening in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Today on the show, Eric and Lee dive into the importance of finding mentors in your life, truly enjoying the moment and much more. Topics include:

  • (4:05-9:20) – Growing up in Knoxville, TN, pressure to succeed because of Dad’s NFL past
  • (9:20-13:45) – Advice to rookies entering the NFL
  • (13:45-17:05) – Lee’s decision to retire
  • (17:05-21:45) – How to be a true professional, advice from Charles Woodson and other former teammates
  • (21:45-26:00) – Triple F Elite Sports Training performance center
  • (26:00-30:05) – Never embarrass your family
  • (30:05-42:30) – Reoccurring questions

Stick around after the podcast for 3 bonus stories from Eric and Lee’s playing days.
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