Episode 132: Shoot Your Shot with Andrew Whitworth

Andrew Whitworth is a 16 year NFL veteran, a 4x Pro Bowler and will compete in Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles this weekend. He is the starting Left Tackle for the LA Rams, but will play against the team he played on for 11 seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Whit” is one of the best players in the game today and after Tom Brady’s retirement, he is now the oldest active player in the NFL. Today on the show, Eric and Andrew discuss the upcoming Super Bowl and lessons on leadership and confidence. Topics include:

  • (2:20-5:00) – Growing up in North Louisiana, advice to rookies in the NFL
  • (5:00-11:35) – NFL role models, “Shoot your shot”
  • (11:35-18:00) – What makes Sean McVay a special coach
  • (18:00-21:40) – Having vs Getting to do something
  • (21:40-27:10) – Super Bowl matchup, Joe Burrow vs Matthew Stafford
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