Episode 134: Hate to Lose with Brandon Beane

We welcome back Brandon Beane to the podcast today. Brandon has served as the GM of the Buffalo Bills since 2017 and joined Eric for episode 24 of the pod back in March of 2020.

Since then, Josh Allen has blossomed into one of the best young players in the NFL and the Bills have won 3 home playoff games. With the offseason now underway, Brandon and Eric sit down to discuss:

  • (2:10-6:00) – What drives Brandon, Super Bowl 56 observations
  • (6:00-8:20) – Lessons learned from COVID pauses
  • (8:20-12:20) – Initial thoughts on Josh Allen
  • (12:20-26:00) – Current state of the Buffalo Bills
  • (26:00-33:45) – Questions from the listeners

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