Episode 135: Let The World Teach You with Justin Delaney

Justin Delaney is an entrepreneur, a travel expert and the co-founder and CEO of Party Horses. Party Horses LLC, a new Louisville company, includes a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have tangible, real-world benefits, such as access to rare bottles of bourbon and exclusive events. It’s all part of a larger vision that aims to put Louisville on the map in the Wild West of web3 — a decentralized ecosystem powered by blockchain technology that is projected by its proponents to be the next evolution of the internet — and shift the conversation around NFTs from novelty to utility.

On the show today, Eric and Justin dive deep into the world of Web3, Cryptocurrency and NFT’s. Other topics include:

  • (2:10-3:30) – Growing up in California & Texas, playing multiple sports
  • (3:30-8:00) – Travel stories – Justin has visited 120 countries
  • (8:00-14:10) – Justin’s career journey, businesses he’s built/sold
  • (14:10-18:05) – Justin’s pivot, advice to college kids
  • (18:05-19:20) – Characteristics of highly successful people
  • (19:20-24:05) – Web3, Cryptocurrency and NFT’s
  • (24:05-26:10) – How to get involved, where to begin
  • (26:10-33:15) – Party Horses origin, NFT’s future

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