Episode 137: The Gift of Hard Work with Derwin Gray

Derwin Gray played 6 seasons in the NFL as a DB for the Colts and Panthers. After his playing days, Derwin became the co-founder and pastor of Transformation Church, a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped community just south of Charlotte, North Carolina. He has written several books, most recently the best-seller – The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches about Finding True Happiness.

Today on the show, Eric and Derwin discuss his transition from the NFL into the church and the power of Jesus Christ. Other topics include:

  • (3:00-5:30) – Growing up in Texas, playing multiple sports as a kid
  • (5:30-9:50) – The Gift of Hard Work
  • (9:50-13:00) – Adapting with the world & finding your self worth
  • (13:00-17:05) – Advice to your younger self in the NFL
  • (17:05-27:40) – Why Derwin got into ministry. The marriage of NFL & faith
  • (27:40-30:00) – Leap into the light
  • (30:00-39:30) – Color blessed not color blind
  • (39:30-46:00) – Derwin’s book: How to Heal Our Racial Divide

And much more. Follow Derwin on social media @DerwinLGray

Learn more about Derwin and his work: https://www.derwinlgray.com/

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