Episode 139: The Courage to Compete with Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs is considered one of the greatest American freestyle wrestlers of all-time. The 2012 Olympic Gold medalist and 5x World Champion is only 33 years old and has dominated the sport for over a decade.

Today on the show, Jordan talks about his career journey and the importance of being a good father and husband. Topics include:

  • (3:45-8:00) – Cutting weight, your body’s relationship with sugar
  • (8:00-11:45) – Growing up in New Jersey, how Jordan fell in love with wrestling
  • (11:45-18:30) – When Jordan realized he was elite, what separates Jordan from the competition
  • (18:30-24:00) – The power of the participation trophy
  • (24:00-28:45) – “Fear subsides what regret doesn’t”
  • (28:45-33:45) – What celebrating a win looks like, striving to have humility and confidence
  • (33:45-40:15) – Thoughts on the WWE and MMA. Balancing work with family life

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