Episode 141: Finding Joy with Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman is a bestselling author and the Head Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. This is Kyle’s second appearance on the podcast as Eric and Kyle have become good friends. Kyle’s new book “One at a Time” is now available as Kyle uniquely reveals the way Jesus valued people and shows us the Jesus way of changing the world–by loving people one at a time.

Today on the show, the guys discuss ways of finding true joy and happiness and other ways to become fulfilled in life. Topics include:

  • (2:50-5:20) – Inspiration for new book
  • (5:20-10:30) – The impact of giving to others
  • (10:30-15:40) – Reverse engineering your mindset
  • (15:40-21:05) – The power of God’s word & being generous with your words
  • (21:05-28:50) – Finding joy. One party at a time
  • (28:50-33:55) – Advice on writing a book
  • (33:55-44:00) – Humility & Confidence. Coaches in Kyle’s life
  • (44:00-53:00) – Habit stacking & the weekly Sabbath

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