Episode 148: Handicapping The Kentucky Derby with Kevin McFarland

Kevin McFarland is a financial advisor by trade but has become one of the top horse racing handicappers in the country. In the past, Kevin has won the Breeders Cup and the Kentucky Derby betting challenges. Success doesn’t come easy, you will learn how much preparation goes into betting on horse racing.

Today on the show, Eric and Kevin also get into betting advice for the 2022 Kentucky Derby and how to out-work your competition. Topics include:

  • (3:10-6:15) – How Kevin fell in love with Horse Racing
  • (6:15-15:15) – Tournament handicapping
  • (15:15-21:45) – Learning from your mistakes
  • (21:45-29:45) – Confidence through preparation
  • (29:45-35:40) – Betting strategies – differences between sports gambling and horse racing
  • (35:40-43:30) – 2022 Kentucky Derby betting advice/look ahead to Derby field

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