Episode 157: Bridge The Gap with Matthew Dawson

Matthew Dawson is the CEO and Founder of Wild Health, a genomics based precision medicine company. Dawson left University of Kentucky HealthCare, where he had been the director of Point of Care Ultrasound, to launch Wild Health.
At this cutting-edge medical facility, a team of physicians and health coaches conduct a deep analysis of a patient’s DNA, biometrics, bloodwork and microbiome via proprietary software. They then combine the data with conversations and other factors to tell you exactly how to optimize your health, providing clients with an individualized plan for diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle factors to optimize health and prevent disease.
Today on the show, Eric and Matt teach you how to live your best life and some tips for long term brain health. Topics include:
  • (1:45-4:40) – Matt as a two sport athlete in college
  • (4:40-8:40) – Wild Health’s origin story
  • (8:40-10:35) – What separates Wild Health from the rest of the medical field
  • (10:35-14:40) – Diet/lifestyle pitfalls
  • (14:40-18:45) – Types of water and their impact on human longevity
  • (18:45-22:10) – Brain health of football players
  • (22:10-26:00) – Do wearables help?
  • (26:00-28:05) – Exogenous ketones
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