Episode 158: Better Every Day with Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson is the Owner and Founder of Better Every Day. He is a renowned Performance Educator, and a Multi-Sport Performance Expert. Strategically located at Better Every Day headquarters in Central Florida, Trevor coaches and mentors the youth, and educates teachers and trainers. His experiences as a professional athlete, and as a performance trainer and educator for professionals and amateurs in various sports, have shaped his career with practical and applied experience.

A multi-sport athlete, he played professional football for three years, and is one of the pioneers of the popular extreme basketball sport SlamBall, competing in the first International SlamBall tournament in China, winning the Championship and achieving MVP Honors.

Today on the show, Eric and Trevor discuss their journeys into the fitness industry and how to get Better Every Day. Topics include:

  • (1:45-6:05) – Growing up in Sarasota, Florida. From professional football to SlamBall
  • (6:05-11:05) – Importance of playing multiple sports. Journey into the fitness industry
  • (11:05-16:15) – Better Every Day
  • (16:05-20:15) – What separates a Hall of Famer from the rest?
  • (20:15-23:25) – Meeting the Kid, Ken Griffey Jr
  • (23:25-27:05) – Mobility and Stability – the keys to the golf swing
  • (27:05-34:05) – Balancing work and family life. Morning routine

And much more. Follow Trevor on social media @TA2claps

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