Episode 159: Bigger Than Self with Dr. Armando González

Armando González (aka Dr. Mondo) is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Mental Wellness Coach to Elite Professional Athletes, Speaker and Entrepreneur. His expertise is in mental health and he is passionately pursuing his purpose to provide transformational mental health experiences to all, especially to communities most vulnerable to trauma.

Dr. Mondo is the founder of Cheat Code, a service that provides concierge mental wellness coaching to current MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS and Team USA Olympic athletes.

Today on the show, Eric and Armando discuss the importance of physical health for your mental well being, the keys to resolving trauma and how he became a Buffalo Bills fan. Topics include:

  • (2:50-8:50) – Career path to becoming a mental wellness coach
  • (8:50-13:30) – Brainspotting, resolving trauma
  • (13:30-18:30) – Where we look improves how we feel
  • (18:30-25:25) – the importance of physical health for your mental well being
  • (25:25-34:25) – Motivation behind weight loss. Bigger Than Self
  • (34:25-39:00) – The power of words
  • (39:00-46:00) – Define the yips
  • (46:00-50:30) – How Armando became a Bills fan

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