Episode 162: Expecting To Win with Joe Schoen

Joe Schoen is a NFL executive who is currently the General Manager of the New York Giants. Schoen previously served as the assistant general manager for the Buffalo Bills from 2017 to 2021. His first NFL job was as a ticket office intern with the Carolina Panthers in 2000. He then spent seven seasons (2001-07) working for the Panthers under current Bills general manager Brandon Beane, first as a scouting assistant and then as a southeast and southwest scout.

Today on the show, Eric and Joe discuss how they both impacted the Bills’ rebuild, how to work your way up in the NFL and much more. Topics include:

  • (2:25-5:25) – Getting started with New York, transition process with Brian Daboll
  • (5:25-7:25) – How Joe went from CFB player at DePaul to becoming an NFL scout
  • (7:25-11:40) – Getting your foot in the door, how Joe worked his way up to becoming GM
  • (11:40-14:35) – Joe’s biggest misses in scouting
  • (14:35-23:05) – Bills rebuild with Brandon Beane, was it tough to leave Buffalo?
  • (23:05-28:00) – Locker room dynamics and leadership. What stood out about Brian Daboll
  • (28:00-31:45) – How to install a culture. Expecting to win
  • (31:45-35:35) – The least glamorous part of being a GM
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