Episode 181: Get Back to Work with Alex Mack

Alex Mack is a former American football center. He played college football for the University of California, Berkeley and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round with the 21st overall of the 2009 NFL Draft. During his 13 year career, Alex also played for the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers and earned Pro Bowl honors 7 times.

Today on the show, Alex and Eric talk about some of the challenges of the Center position, some of their favorite playing day memories and much more. Topics include:

  • (2:20-7:30) – First year of retirement. Alex’s style of play
  • (7:30-16:30) – Alex’s last year with the 49ers. What makes Kyle Shanahan a great coach.
  • (16:30-24:00) – Alex’s credit for success? Humility and work ethic.
  • (24:00-32:15) – Toughest players/types of players Alex played against
  • (32:15-39:00) – Favorite travel spot. Future in broadcasting?

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