Episode 182: Step Up For Yourself with Sean Casey

Sean Casey, nicknamed “The Mayor,” is a former Major League Baseball first baseman for the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox. Casey was a 3x All-Star and is in the Cincinnati Reds’ Hall of Fame.

Today on the show, Eric and Sean relive some of their favorite Reds memories, their journeys into professional sports and some of their superstitions. Other topics include:

  • (1:30-5:45) – Pittsburg born and raised.
  • (5:45-21:25) – The advice Sean’s Dad gave him his senior year of high school and how it changed his life.
  • (21:25-24:45) – Eric’s one scholarship offer.
  • (24:45-29:40) – Advice to your younger self.
  • (29:40-35:00) – Favorite memories from Cincinnati and Sean’s MLB days.
  • (35:00-39:30) – The pressure on children of professional athletes.
  • (39:30-50:25) – Superstitions, trash talk and morning routines.

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