Episode 184: Waiting for Your Opportunity with A.Q. Shipley

A.Q. Shipley played 12 seasons in the NFL as a center before a neck injury cut his career short. Drafted in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL Draft, A.Q. played for five different franchises including a Super Bowl win in 2020 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Today on the show, A.Q. and Eric talks some ball, the importance of waiting for the right moment and some of the similarities throughout their careers. Other topics include:

  • (2:15-5:00) – Two sport athlete in high school
  • (5:00-9:15) – Being drafted by his hometown of Pittsburg and how it was the worst thing possible
  • (9:15-12:45) – Overcoming adversity. Waiting for your opportunity
  • (12:45-20:15) – What makes Bruce Arians and Tom Brady so special
  • (20:15-27:00) – Neck injury that ended A.Q.’s playing days
  • (27:00-35:00) – Transition into media. Working with Pat McAfee
  • (35:00-39:45) – The state of offensive line play in the NFL today

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