Episode 185: Great Communicators with Mike O’Connell

Mike O’Connell is the Executive Pastor of Love Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Mike is  also a former football player, an entrepreneur, a public speaker and leadership coach impacting the lives of many across the globe everyday.

Today on the show, Eric and Mike discuss what makes the best leaders, how to craft a vision and many lessons that you can apply to your life. Other topics include:

  • (2:00-5:10) – Mike’s athletic career. Fate sends Mike from Iowa to Iowa State
  • (5:10-11:15) – Mike’s transition from football to ministry. Omaha was calling
  • (11:15-16:45) – Becoming a gifted communicator. Traits of great leaders
  • (16:45-19:45) – Mike’s journey into personal coaching and speaking
  • (19:45-24:00) – Finding balance between contentment and drive
  • (24:00-27:00) –  Benefits of being proactive vs reactive
  • (27:00-31:00) – Creating a vision. Morning routine.

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