Episode 188: Superhuman Protocol with Jason Tebeau

Jason Tebeau is the President & CEO at Da Vinci Medical and the creator of the Superhuman Protocol. Jason helps people live in their most optimal physical state by optimizing three elements: Magnetism, oxygen and light. “Without magnetism, oxygen and light we cannot survive. With them we are “Superhuman.”
Today on the show, Eric and Jason get into the details of this protocol, discuss the benefits of walking outside barefoot and even the best cure for a hangover. Other topic include: 
  • (2:50-8:00) – How cancer impacted Jason’s career path
  • (8:00-17:10) – Grounding/Earthing (Magnetism)
  • (17:10-28:20) – Red light exposure (Light)
  • (28:20-36:30) – Exercise with oxygen therapy (Oxygen)
  • (36:30-42:00) – Nutrition advice
  • (42:00-51:15) – Hangover cure. Benefits of hydrogen water
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