Episode 191: Moving Forward with Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is an executive coach, speaker, podcast host and author of two books, “Win at Home First” & “Rise And Go” . The entrepreneur, former executive, husband and father of three has been passionately helping business leaders win at work and at home. Cory does this through executive coaching, speaking and writing.

You can obtain a free copy of Cory’s book here: https://www.corymcarlson.com/freebook

Today on the show, Eric and Cory discuss the importance of family life, the importance of an executive coach and much more. Other topics include:

  •  (4:05-8:20) – Cory’s shift from executive to coach
  • (8:20-15:50) – 3 things to do before 36
  • (15:50-18:20) – Don’t allow a mistake to define you
  • (18:20-28:00) – Help with family life
  • (28:00-37:00) – The Five Capitals

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