Episode 192: The Trust Factor with Ryan Sherry

Ryan Sherry is a professional Pickleball player and the co-founder of Legacy Pro Sports. Ryan’s current focus is assisting former professional athletes in filing claims for disability plans, supporting them throughout the process, and helping them maintain a quality of life as they transition from one chapter to the next.

Legacy Pro Sports represents over 5,000 former players. This year they are on track to assist athletes collectively to win over 200 million dollars worth of disability claims. Visit Legacy Pro Sports now: https://legacyprosports.us/

Today on the show, Eric and Ryan relive Ryan’s career as a D1 Tennis player, how he transition to Pickleball and how he continues to help former athletes everyday. Other topics include:

  • (2:00-5:30) – #2 Tennis player in the U.S.
  • (5:30-8:30) – Crazy college life at the University of Florida
  • (8:30-14:30) – Life after college
  • (14:30-23:45) – Owning a nightclub to starting a company that’s changing lives
  • (23:45-32:30) – The Trust Factor
  •  (32:30-45:20) – Pickleball career journey

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