Episode 193: When God Shows Up with Tony Cash

From the earliest days of his childhood, Tony found ways to get into trouble and, by the time his age had reached double digits, he had moved on to robbery and other violent crimes. Tony found himself in and out of juvenile detention at the early age of eleven. The older he got, the more serious crimes he committed. His life was one of aggression and transgression. When Tony turned seventeen, he transitioned from one corrections system to another – from the juvenile courts to the adult ones. Over the next 36 years, Tony would spend his days incarcerated – 20 of them in solitary confinement – until the day He surrendered his life to Jesus in a prison cell. Today on the show, Tony shares his powerful redemption story and how he is impacting the lives of others today. You can learn more about Tony and his work at Freedom Lake Ministries here: https://freedomlake.org

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