Episode 194: Moving Forward with Golden Tate

Golden Tate played 12 seasons in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions and the New York Giants. Golden was a 2nd round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft and would go on to become a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion.

Today on the show, the guys discuss Golden’s success on and off the field, the importance of being intentional with your family and insight on his decision to retire. Other topics include:

  • (2:00-8:00) – Athletic family/siblings. Golden’s experience raising kids.
  • (8:00-13:10) – From Tennessee to Notre Dame.
  • (13:10-19:20) – Characteristics of Super Bowl winning teams
  • (19:20-28:40) – Golden’s decision to retire. When he knew it was time.
  • (28:40-37:40) – Professional Pickleball dreams

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