Episode 199: Set Up For Something Greater with Matt Overton

Matt Overton is a Pro Bowl NFL Long Snapper that has been in the league since 2007. After going undrafted out of Western Washington University, Matt found a place in the NFL after some time in the USFL.

Matt is also the host of the Stay Ready podcast, “The mentality birthed through the trials and triumphs of life as an NFL long snapper.”

Today on the show, Eric and Matt discuss the NFL lifestyle, the positive effects of getting cut and much more. Other topics include:

(2:00-9:05) – Matt’s journey into the NFL, finding long snapping

(9:05-13:55) – Time with the Colts, Pat MacAfee

(13:55-16:30) – Work ethic of Adam Vinitari

(16:30-21:20) – Getting cut was the best thing to ever happen

(21:20-24:40) – NFL lifestyle of a long snapper, family sacrifice

(24:40-31:30) – New kickoff rule, Stay Ready Pod

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