Episode 201: No Plan B with Dan Oliver (Dan-O’s Seasoning)

Dan Oliver is back! The Founder and Owner of Dan-O’s seasoning is a Louisville based entrepreneur and changing the world one meal at a time.

Dan-O’s Seasoning is one of the fastest growing companies in America. With over 6.5 million followers across social media platforms and retail offerings in over 18,000 stores, people can’t get enough of that Yum Yum Get Ya Sum!

Since their last podcast, Eric has become an investor in Dan-O’s. The boys get together to discuss several topics, including:

– How much the brand has grown

– Dan-O’s plan of attack on social media

– The process of creating a new recipe

– Expanding the team

-Advice to other business leaders

And much more. Follow Dan on Social media @danosseasoning and visit their website https://danosseasoning.com/

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