Episode 64: NFL Center Roundtable with Joe Hawley & Nick Hardwick

Former podcast guests Joe Hawley and Nick Hardwick join Eric Wood today to talk some ball. The three have a combined 25 years played in the NFL and are here to give you a glimpse into an NFL locker room.

On the show, the guys discuss:

Which era of the NFL was the most physical/violent (2:42-10:29)

NFL stories, mistakes and mistakes made and by NFL coaches (10:29-20:40)

Hardest play to block, offensive strategy and the roles of a center (20:40-32:50)

The importance of work ethic (32:50-40:46)

Advice about creating your own space after sports (41:50-52:30)

Lessons to teach your kids as former professional athletes (52:30-1:02:20)

The value of recovery (1:02:20-1:07:20)

What you wish you knew when playing (1:07:20-1:17:20)

The future in coaching/broadcasting (1:20:00-End)

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