Episode 65: Behind the Scenes & The Power of Forgiveness with Jason Romano

For 17 years, Jason was an Emmy-Award winning Producer and Senior Manager at ESPN. He has created and produced content for shows such as SportsCenter, Monday Night Football and Mike and Mike in the Morning.

In February of 2017, Jason took a leap of faith and walked away from his job at ESPN to pursue sports ministry. One month later,  he launched the Sports Spectrum podcast, an interview driven show that features athletes, coaches, entertainers and other personalities sharing their stories on the intersection of sports and faith.

Today on the show, Eric and Jason get into many different topics, including:

Jason’s journey to ESPN and his first jobs in the business (2:36-13:01)

Former athletes in broadcasting and common mistakes they make (16:32-30:00)

Jason’s reason for leaving ESPN to pursue sports ministry (30:00-43:00)

Jason’s favorite podcast episodes and his most fulfilling work (45:00-53:00)

The results of effort (54:00-1:03:00) And much more.

Jason is the author of two books, “The Uniform of Leadership” and “Live to Forget” and you can purchase them here: https://www.jasonromano.com/book

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