Episode 73: Holistic Approach to Battling Mental Health Issues with Victor Brick

International business consultant and motivational speaker Victor Brick joins the show today. Victor is the co-founder of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, the CEO of Planet Fitness Growth Partners and he and his wife, Lynne, were both named as two of Maryland’s top 50 most influential people.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by Victor’s story of grit and determination in business and his passion to uplift others, especially in the space of mental health. Some other topics include:

How Grit and Success are related (3:00)

The importance of having Dreams (6:30)

Why he chose the fitness industry (13:30)

Having the Right Kind of People around you (17:45)

How sports and business are related 21:05)

Why Victor started the Mental Health Foundation (23:40)

Discussion about Mental Health in America Today (31:45)

Steps to creating Healthy Habits and Positive Stress (36:30)

Connectivity and Coping Skills (41:00)

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