Episode 76: Becoming Adaptable with Lorenzo Alexander

Former teammate and 4x Walter Peyton Man of the Year nominee Lorenzo Alexander joins the show today. Lorenzo played college football at the University of Cal, but went undrafted out of college. It was his ability to adapt and be versatile that helped him play for 13 seasons in the NFL.

Today on the show, Eric and Lorenzo discuss behind the scenes stories from their days in Buffalo, their transitions in and out of the NFL, and much more, including:

Lorenzo’s early days as an athlete (2:30)

Concussions and their impact on youth football (4:11)

Lorenzo’s transition into the NFL as an undrafted FA (6:32)

Lessons to Rookies today (10:30)

Becoming adaptable in order to succeed (17:40)

The transformation of his body for different positions (23:18)

Lorenzo’s pivot point and Sean Taylor (28:55)

His transition out of the NFL (33:50)

Being intentional at home (41:40)

And much more:

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