Episode 77: Decide to Win with Keith Craft

Keith Craft is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Elevate Life Church, a non-denominational church in Frisco, Texas. As a leader, coach, speaker, author, and transformationalist, Keith Craft impacts thousands of people around the world every year and does so yet again today in this episode. Eric and Keith discuss:

Keith’s athletic upbringing and career with the Dallas Cowboys (3:00-13:45)

Creating habits and the importance of consistency (14:00-17:00)

Self discipline is everything (17:00-23:00)

Defining and Deciding to Win (23:00-29:00)

Meeting the right people at the right time (29:00-35:00)

Core values to live your life by (42:00-45:00)

Improving your speaking skills (45:00-49:00)

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