Episode 84: Cooking Up Success with Dan Oliver (Dan-O’s Seasoning)

Dan Oliver is a Louisville based entrepreneur who has had a rapid rise to success. Founder and owner of Dan-O’s seasoning, Dan has a story of perseverance and dedication that many can learn from.

Today on the show, Eric and Dan cook up some food at the E-Wood Headquarters, and discuss:

(1:41-4:02) – Dan the competitor

(4:02-12:03) – Dan’s career journey and start of Dan-O’s

(12:03-18:02) – How Dan grew the brand of Dan-O’s

(18:02-21:45) – The pandemic pivot

(21:45-25:15) – Advice to small business owners

(25:15-31:20) – What separates Dan-O’s from the competition

And much more. Follow Dan on Social media @danosseasoning and vest their website https://danosseasoning.com/

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