Episode 88: Find Your Voice with Kirk Herbstreit

Kirk Herbstreit is an analyst for ESPN’s College Gameday and a color commentator for college football games on ESPN and ABC. He has won five Sports Emmy Awards in various categories and is known around the world for his work.

Today on the show, Kirk and Eric talk about their love of the game of football, behind the scenes of the TV set, and many more topics including:

(1:55-8:30) – Kirk growing up playing sports, his time playing football at Ohio State

(8:30-12:20) – Breaking into broadcasting, falling in love with talk radio

(12:20-18:39) – Working with athletes in broadcasting, why do some succeed and others fail?

(18:39-26:00) – Find Your Voice, Feedback on Eric’s broadcasting journey

(26:00-28:30) – The traits of a leader

(28:30-37:45) – NIL’s impact on college sports and the NFL

(37:45-41:00) – Kirk’s kids playing at the University of Clemson

(41:00-44:00) – Kirk and Eric in the horse racing world

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