Episode 91: Don’t Lose Before You Start with Joe Staley

Joe Staley played 13 seasons in the NFL as an offensive tackle with the San Francisco 49ers. He was drafted in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and went on to earn 6x Pro Bowl and 3x All-Pro honors.

Joe was forced to retire after the Super Bowl in the 2019 season because of a neck injury. Since then, he’s been working with offensive lineman to prepare them for the NFL Draft. One of them, is Buffalo Bills’ rookie Spencer Brown.

Today on the show, Joe and Eric get into some locker room talk, including:

(2:06-4:36) – Growing up in Michigan playing multiple sports

(4:36:10:56) – Gaining and losing weight in the NFL

(10:56-17:55) – Playing through a neck injury in the Super Bowl

(17:55-23:20)  – Toughest DE’s that Joe played against

(23:20-30:00) – Daily routine that led to Joe’s success

(30:00-37:30) – Advice to rookies in the NFL

(37:30-38:35) – Generational difference in lineman today….back in my day

(38:35-43:05) – Spencer Brown and the 2021 Buffalo Bills

(43:05-47:15) – Joe’s up-close opinion of the Collin Kaepernick saga

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