Episode 92: Are You Coachable or Teachable? Leadership Lessons with Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery, owner of Montgomery Companies, is a highly regarded performance coach and keynote speaker whose clients include business executives, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs. From small town Iowa, to a dominant force in the performance coaching industry, Jordan travels the country speaking and coaching executives at Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and sales people.

Today on the show, Jordan gives tons of business and leadership tips. Topics include:

(1:50-4:30) – Growing up in small town Iowa

(4:30-9:10) – Jordan’s career journey, his success at an early age

(9:10-14:15) – Jordan’s pivot to performance coaching, keynote speaking

(14:15-21:20) – Sales advice, the biggest misconception in sales

(21:20-25:35) – How to create new habits, accountability = change

(25:35-31:40) – How to balance social media and family

(3925-42:00) – Iowa Football 2021 outlook

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