Episode 93: Never Satisfied with Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin is an American sprinter and a three-time Olympian. Winner of the Gold Medal in the 2004 100 meters and a constant figure in the World Championships, Justin knows success at the highest level. Gatlin’s personal best of 9.74 seconds ranks fifth on the all-time list of male 100-metre athletes.

Today on the show, Eric dives into Justin’s life story and his prep at the age of 39 for the next Olympic games. Topic include:

(2:56-5:31) – Justin’s early childhood, racing kids at school, achieving the pinnacle of his sport

(5:31-9:26) – The Olympic Village

(9:26-12:15) – Nutrition and training for an Olympic athlete

(12:15-15:06) – Difficulty of training during COVID, 2020 postponement

(15:06-19:31) – Mental training and strength

(19:31-25:16) – The science to succeed in the 100 meters

(25:16-29:40) – DK Metcalf’s attempt to become a sprinter

(29:40-35:15) – The last Olympics, post-career aspirations

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(Note: Since the recording of this episode, Justin aggravated a hamstring injury in the men’s 100-meter final. Which likely means he will fail to qualify for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.)

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