Episode 94: SaunaSpace with Brian Richards

Brian Richards is the founder of SaunaSpace, a device that uses infrared science to help optimize your mind and body. A product that Eric personally endorses, the SaunaSpace is currently helping thousands achieve health benefits by sitting in a home in a sauna!

Today on the show, Brian and Eric get into the specific benefits of SaunaSpace, including:

(2:10-4:15) – Growing up in Montana

(4:15-15:05) – How Brian’s own health problems led his path to creating SaunaSpace

(15:05-38:12) – The science & benefits behind SaunaSpace, things like EMF blocking, red light therapy and ATP production

(38:12-41:05) – Athletic benefits of using a Sauna

(41:05-49:45) – Structured Water

And much more! Visit Sauna.Space and use code: Whatsnext5 for 5% off your order

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