Episode 97: Don’t Quit Now, Quit Tomorrow with Robert J. O’Neill

Robert J. O’Neill is a motivational speaker, a Fox News contributor and former United States Navy Seal (1996-2012). A true American hero, Robert earned two silver stars and has been on many high profile missions, including the saving of Captain Phillips and the killing Osama bin Laden.

Today on the show, Eric and Robert talk about the importance of pushing through adversity and showing up when it matters most. Topics include:

(1:45-3:18) – Growing up in Montana, lessons learned from playing basketball

(3:18-7:37) – How a breakup led to Robert joining the military

(7:37-11:22) – BUD/S training, training to be uncomfortable

(11:22-14:02) – The hardest part of Navy Seal training

(14:02-20:05) – Details about killing Osama bin Laden

(20:05-26:50) – Live after the military, the difficult transition to normal life

(26:50-32:50) – Main message as a public speaker

(32:50-34:51) – NFL talk, Ryan Fitzpatrick in Washington

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