Episode 98: Whatever It Takes with Dan Orlovsky

Dan Orlovsky played QB in the NFL for 12 seasons and can now be heard on ESPN on NFL Live, First Take and as he calls games from the booth. Dan played his college football at the University of Connecticut and was selected in the 5th round of the 2005 NFL draft.

Today on the show, Eric and Dan give advice about staying in the NFL. Other topics include:

(2:04-3:30) – Growing up playing different sports, flipping a coin

(3:30-6:30) – Doing whatever it takes to succeed, cheating on a 40-yard dash

(6:30-10:15) – Advice for rookies in the NFL, be patiently impatient

(10:15-11:40) – The illusion of the backup QB

(11:40-14:10) – Hardest part about transition out of NFL

(14:10-17:05) – Writing on white boards, getting noticed by ESPN

(17:05-21:00) – 2021 outlook of the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen

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