Sponsor Spotlight: Live With Confidence with Jordan Yocum

Your custom clothing should reflect your personal style, from the fit, to the fabric, to the details. To help define your style, meet Jordan Yocum of Custom Clothing.

Jordan and his team take the time to learn and understand: What you do, who you interact with, how you dress, and what professional clothing you already own, what needs to be updated and what needs to have alterations.

Their goal? To learn more about you so they can better advise you on clothing that will make an impact and help define your style.

Today on the show, Eric and Jordan talk about their working relationship together, and also discuss:

-How Jordan became a professional Clothier

-What the benefits are of working with Custom Clothing

-The most fulfilling part of the job

-What separates Jordan and Custom Clothing from the competition

-What you wear is who you are

-And advice for upcoming wedding season

For more information on Jordan Yocum and Custom Clothing:


Instagram: @KentuckyClothier

Or call or text Jordan at any time: 502-525-0802

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